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Te Papa Tupu

A mentoring programme
for aspiring Māori writers

Te Papa Tupu is a highly contested writers incubator designed specifically for emerging Māori writers. Every two years, six writers are given the opportunity to be mentored by acclaimed authors and editors. Throughout the course of the programme, writers work with their mentors to develop their manuscripts for publication.

‘One of the most valuable gifts a writer can get is the attention of somebody who will approach their work with an understanding of their motivation and a respect for their particular voice, but also a critical eye, with the aim of helping them ultimately share their unique vision with the rest of the world … ’ Daisy Coles, Mentor – Class of 2010.

Writers receive a stipend, write, participate in workshops, write, attend writers’ festivals, write and become part of a broader writing community.

We encourage Te Papa Tupu writers to journal their experience on the writers incubator. Take the time to read these entries – the stories are courageous, insightful, bold, humbling and humorous.


Applying for the programme

Submissions for Te Papa Tupu 2022 have now closed. The six selected writers for this year’s programme will be announced at the end of May 2022.

Information about the submission guidelines can be found here.

Have a question about the programme? Contact the programme administrator for any enquiries:


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