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A short story competition open to
all Māori writers

Nearly 200 Māori writers have emerged through the Pikihuia short story competition, a competition that has firmly cemented a place in the literary calendar of Aotearoa.

The Pikihuia Awards has long championed new and emerging talent, serving as a springboard for the next generation of Māori writers.

Past winners of the Pikihuia Awards have included acclaimed writers – Paula Morris, James George, Kelly Ana Morey, Tina Makereti, Whiti Hereaka, Steph Matuku, Shilo Kino – and the list grows.

Pikihuia is held every two years and is open to all Māori writers.


How to enter

The Māori Literature Trust & our amazing delivery partner HUIA are proud to announce that the iconic Pikihuia Awards will open for submissions Monday January 16th at 9am. We cannot wait to welcome submissions in te reo Māori and English in all three sections.

Kaua e whakamā, whether you’re a seasoned writer, a tuakana or a teina – we want to see your entries!

2021 Pikihuia Awards

The 2021 Pikihuia Awards revealed a strong indication that more Māori writers than ever are finding their voice and are ready to be heard.

2019 Pikihuia Awards

The 2019 Pikihuia Awards revealed a new generation of confident Māori storytellers, speaking with authority and authenticity.

2017 Pikihuia Awards

The 2017 Pikihuia Awards revealed strengths in diversity and creativity, with stories reflecting what it means to be Māori.

View our past winners