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About us

For over twenty years the Māori Literature Trust – Te Waka Taki Kōrero has been fostering new and emerging Māori writers, transforming the literary landscape of Aotearoa, nurturing Māori voices, with a story to tell. We have developed writers who have gone on to have successful careers as authors, producing award-winning stories – ‘taking Māori voices to the world’.

Our results speak for themselves:

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What the writers say

Discovering new talent

Pikihuia Awards

Pikihuia is a short story competition open to all Māori writers – new writing talent, emerging writers who have shown promise and the best of published writers.

Pikihuia is greatly anticipated by writers and those supporting their success. The awards encourage diverse Māori viewpoints and recognise excellence in writing in both English and te reo Māori.

A writers incubator

Te Papa Tupu

Te Papa Tupu is a programme specifically for Māori writers who have written a complete manuscript, a first draft, and are looking to further develop it to be publication ready.

A position on this programme is highly valued. Chosen writers spend six months working alongside a mentor to improve their creative writing techniques.