Writing to Catch the Imperfection

Ataria reading Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie This journal entry for Te Papa Tupu is a week late. Late, late, late, late. As one of the selected writers for Te Papa Tupu, we have only a few jobs. To work on our manuscript and write one blog post per month. ONE. You … Continue reading Writing to Catch the Imperfection

The Three Ed’s and a Bit of CD

Editing, editing, editing. The three Ed’s and a bit of character development. You see a month, or so ago, I had finally finished the manuscript to my YA fiction novel. The elation that I felt at that time, it was real. There I was, staring at that beautiful final sentence couched in clouds of are … Continue reading The Three Ed’s and a Bit of CD

Creating is a Wonderful Thing

It’s 12 pm on Saturday night. I am ecstatic, my cheeks red with exhaustion and exhilaration at the same time. No, I am not clubbing or at a party with friends. Here I am, sitting alone at the wooden dining room table, my heart pumping in my chest. I’ve decided that being a writer is … Continue reading Creating is a Wonderful Thing


My name is Ataria Rangipikitia Sharman and I am one of six Māori writers who has been selected for Te Papa Tupu. I am also a tangiweto. How do I know this? Well… I cry. A LOT. But how is this related to the writing journey that I am so excited to be a part … Continue reading Tangiweto