Some Guidance Required

You know how I was saying that one day I might be able to introduce myself like this, “Hi, I’m Hone Rata. I’m an author”? The last month has shown me that while I might be able to say that, I can’t follow it up with “And I’m kinda good at it.” Because if I … Continue reading Some Guidance Required


There are two kinds of people: people who stay, and people who leave.             I’m not judging people who stay. Someone needs to keep the homefires burning. Close ties and family must come before travel for many. I am grateful that my brother has been here to keep connections to whānau alive. On my last … Continue reading Wanderlust

I Have Always Been a Bookworm

When I was a child my mother worried that I didn’t get out and spend enough time with friends, but who needs friends when you have books? I’m joking! I’m joking. I have many wonderful friends. But I also have many wonderful books. I spent a lot of my childhood embedded in pages. Mum didn’t … Continue reading I Have Always Been a Bookworm

Creating is a Wonderful Thing

It’s 12 pm on Saturday night. I am ecstatic, my cheeks red with exhaustion and exhilaration at the same time. No, I am not clubbing or at a party with friends. Here I am, sitting alone at the wooden dining room table, my heart pumping in my chest. I’ve decided that being a writer is … Continue reading Creating is a Wonderful Thing

The Hardest Thing About Being a Writer

I packed my bags, hopped into my orange Nissan and I drove. A picturesque town where locals walk around in jandals holding surfboards all year round was waiting for me. My new home. The opposite from the big city lights of Auckland. Paradise. And yet it was chaos. Finding a new home. Changing jobs. Adjusting … Continue reading The Hardest Thing About Being a Writer

What it Means to be a Māori Writer

Shilo Kino with Patricia Grace and Robyn Bargh at the Pikihuia Awards in 2013. Don't call me a Māori writer. I am a writer who is Māori. Yeah, there’s a difference. I tell stories. Stories I hope will shape perspective. Give life more meaning. And as cliche as it sounds, provide a voice for the … Continue reading What it Means to be a Māori Writer

A Story to Tell

Tēnā tātou katoa. He uri tēnei nō Ngāti Hine, me Ngāpuhi. Ko Tokerau te maunga, Ko Taumarere te awa, Ko Waiomio te whenua. I tipu ake ahau kei Tāmaki Makarau ki te tonga i te taha o tōku Māmā - no Ingarani ia. Ko Wallasey te whenua, Ko Cheshire te rohe, Ko Mersey te awa. … Continue reading A Story to Tell

Hi, I’m Hone Rata

I’ve always found introducing myself a little strange. “Hi, I’m Hone Rata.” Handshake. Eye contact. Smile. So that’s my name but it’s doesn’t say a lot about me. “I’m 43.” That’s new information, so a 43 year old male, probably likes sports (nope, well not enough to follow any team). Oh so doesn’t like sports, … Continue reading Hi, I’m Hone Rata


My name is Ataria Rangipikitia Sharman and I am one of six Māori writers who has been selected for Te Papa Tupu. I am also a tangiweto. How do I know this? Well… I cry. A LOT. But how is this related to the writing journey that I am so excited to be a part … Continue reading Tangiweto

Highway to Heal

When you were a little girl, books were your refuge. You learned to read before you went to school. You would read the newspaper everyday, on the floor with the sheets spread out. You read everything in the house: a set of Childcraft books, The Thorn Birds, Benét’s Reader’s Encyclopedia (the Illustrated Second Edition).  You … Continue reading Highway to Heal