Curious to know what the judges had to say about this year’s Pikihuia Awards? Lucky for you we have a few previews here. (Don’t forget to buy the book to read the stories behind the judges’ comments.)
Sir Wira Gardiner – Best Short Story written in English
“I was surprised and delighted by the range of talent evident in submissions. I want to acknowledge those who took the courage of their convictions to submit a story for consideration.”
Arihia McClutchie – Best Short Story written by a Secondary Student
“Overall, we were very impressed, not only by the high standard of writing but by the range in genre … Each story descriptively captivating the reader by transporting them to the vibrant street lights of Wellington’s Cuba and Vivian streets, the exchange of hearfelt letters between a brother and sister, a hot summer’s day playing in rock pools where unknowingly, danger lurks. I commend all our writers for making it this far. It is no small feat to give so much of yourself and share it to others.”
Larry Parr – Best Short Film Script
“Ultimately the feature that separated the best scripts from the rest was not something that I had set out to assess. All three of the finalists had a dose of that magic and the winner had it in truckloads. Emotional Impact – that is what set the winner apart from the rest.”

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