2016 Writers’ Monthly Journals

Every month, Te Papa Tupu mentees complete a progress report keeping us up to date on how they’re getting on in the Incubator. Take a look and discover what our writers have to say!

Pere Durie
Lauren Keenan
Steph Matuku
Shirley Simmonds
Terri Te Tau
Tahlia Tini

Writers Te Papa Tupu 2016

Juanita Craig

The only information on your site so far reads: Applications for the 2018 Te Papa Tupu incubator will open 1 December 2017 and close 30 April 2018. Would it be possible to know what are the criteria for entering ie word length, how many entries per submission (ie, can several short stories be submitted as one entry?), details of the programme (ie, is it full time for six months? When does it start/end? When will the announcement be made as to whom is selected? Nga mihi

Juanita Craig

Do you have a separate link on your page to send in a submission for the Te Papa Tupu 2018 competition? If so, where may I find it please?

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