A Void

It feels like I’m sending these journals into a void. Like an actual journal, for my eyes only, which is kinda freeing. I had writer’s block until recently. Prior to that, I wrote a short story about a Japanese piano teacher who goes on a surfing trip to deal with a broken heart.This melancholy tale … Continue reading A Void

Hi, I’m Hone Rata

I’ve always found introducing myself a little strange. “Hi, I’m Hone Rata.” Handshake. Eye contact. Smile. So that’s my name but it’s doesn’t say a lot about me. “I’m 43.” That’s new information, so a 43 year old male, probably likes sports (nope, well not enough to follow any team). Oh so doesn’t like sports, … Continue reading Hi, I’m Hone Rata

Writing magic: an elixir to happiness

We have only a few weeks left on the Te Papa Tupu programme. I am still grateful to have been picked for this programme and know that these six months have given me the tools and insight I need to be a writer for life. I spent quite a bit of time over the past … Continue reading Writing magic: an elixir to happiness

Through to the painful end

Last journal entry, and the months have flown by. I had hoped by this stage to be feeling rather satisfied and smug even, with a completed manuscript for a publisher, albeit for a little tweaking. When in fact I still have a confusing array of scenes and characters still at a loss to decide whether … Continue reading Through to the painful end

Judging a book by its back cover

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. (Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy) So, 26 days before the manuscript is due. Let’s be frank -I’m sweating bullets. The good news is I’m close. The bad news … Continue reading Judging a book by its back cover

Reaching back to find political purpose

With the deadline looming a nagging sense of panic wakes up with me every morning. If I feed it not much writing happens that day. It got so bad a few weeks ago I went searching for what my motives were in wanting to write this novel, and casting about I found an essay I … Continue reading Reaching back to find political purpose

Detours create richer detail

I went to a Rongoa Māori course on Saturday. I learnt a lot, but one of the most valuable things I got was a reminder of things we intuitively know. We just need to be still, watch, listen and all will be revealed. We often find things that we weren’t even looking for. We are … Continue reading Detours create richer detail

Living out loud: juggling life and writing

Earlier this week I sent my five-year-old grandson in Invercargill his winter jacket, it’s a little further south than here, so the seasons arrive a little later, well that is my excuse, I wrote on the attached card. He sent me an email back, ‘Thanks Grandma, but I’m a size seven now.’ In between everyday … Continue reading Living out loud: juggling life and writing

All work and no play…

Oh no – it’s The Shining – I swear… I am sitting in my little office and the door is closed – but I hear children making noises, dogs barking, cars passing by and a party going on next door – with so many little distractions I can’t get a single word out of my … Continue reading All work and no play…

How coincidences mean more than you think

Often this month I've questioned, 'Why am I doing this?'  Not so long ago, a New Age shaped world view would have me think, 'Oh, but writing seems to have chosen me.' Now I can't be so sure. Back then, I might cite the time I went looking for guidance on what I thought was … Continue reading How coincidences mean more than you think