Detours create richer detail

I went to a Rongoa Māori course on Saturday. I learnt a lot, but one of the most valuable things I got was a reminder of things we intuitively know. We just need to be still, watch, listen and all will be revealed. We often find things that we weren’t even looking for. We are … Continue reading Detours create richer detail

Shaking out the details

Flying southward I was surprised to hear the pilot announce: “Good evening Guests, we’ve just passed the township of Kaikoura. I can see in the distance the lights of Christchurch and it’s gearing up to be a clear and mild night.” I didn’t know you could see Christchurch from that far away. In my mind … Continue reading Shaking out the details

All work and no play…

Oh no – it’s The Shining – I swear… I am sitting in my little office and the door is closed – but I hear children making noises, dogs barking, cars passing by and a party going on next door – with so many little distractions I can’t get a single word out of my … Continue reading All work and no play…

How coincidences mean more than you think

Often this month I've questioned, 'Why am I doing this?'  Not so long ago, a New Age shaped world view would have me think, 'Oh, but writing seems to have chosen me.' Now I can't be so sure. Back then, I might cite the time I went looking for guidance on what I thought was … Continue reading How coincidences mean more than you think

Hunting for truth in history

Writing a true account of history is no easy task. Bias and perceptions may influence the story and to some extent can change the historical record. Unfortunately this bias will sometimes be replicated and assume a place in history as fact. As a researcher I look for several references to an account of an event. … Continue reading Hunting for truth in history

When the writing flow starts to congeal

Robert Louis Stevenson was quoted as saying: Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant. At the moment I am planting lots of seeds but when I look at my fields the crops seem like poor specimens. Under nourished and not able to stand tall against strong winds. … Continue reading When the writing flow starts to congeal

Tania Butcher builds on memories of Maketu

The beginnings of writing the Maketu warriors’ story cropped up five years ago in a conversation with my cousin Huia Tapsell who wanted something concrete to remember all those men who lived in Maketu during the warring years.

Larree Lust ponders purpose and narration

The writing process. Elation, anxiety, doubt, fear. Despite which I am looking forward to this journey over the next six months to finish an ongoing project, a draft of a novel that has been languishing. The support of the Te Papa Tupu programme is an opportunity and a privilege to be involved with. So, timelines, … Continue reading Larree Lust ponders purpose and narration

About the online journal

Read about the experiences of six authors as they develop their manuscripts on a six month mentoring programme called Te Papa Tupu. These authors will be working on novels, short stories, non-fiction, or children's literature. Check back here in July  to follow the authors in the manuscript development process or subscribe to this journal (on the right) and … Continue reading About the online journal