Touring a nation’s past

Since June 2010 I have been immersed in reading, writing and talking whakapapa to Te Arawa kaumatua and rangatahi in an effort to make sense of hapu and the connections that bind Te Arawa as a nation. The discovery and renewing of old ties between hapu members has been a thoroughly rewarding and very exciting … Continue reading Touring a nation’s past

Preserving the mana of a fighting chief

Maketu men have sacrificed their lives for 100 years in defence roles of attrition and peacekeeping in foreign wars and hot spots globally. The Boer War underpinned a familiar theme in the acquisition of land by force for Māori and Pakeha. The consequences since the South African war for Maketu was manpower involvement in 20th … Continue reading Preserving the mana of a fighting chief

Hunting for truth in history

Writing a true account of history is no easy task. Bias and perceptions may influence the story and to some extent can change the historical record. Unfortunately this bias will sometimes be replicated and assume a place in history as fact. As a researcher I look for several references to an account of an event. … Continue reading Hunting for truth in history

Tania Butcher builds on memories of Maketu

The beginnings of writing the Maketu warriors’ story cropped up five years ago in a conversation with my cousin Huia Tapsell who wanted something concrete to remember all those men who lived in Maketu during the warring years.