A Place to Grow

I took this photo during my time in Tokyo. It is of a lotus about to bloom. I’ve always loved the Buddhist view of a lotus - as a lotus can grow out of mud and blossom above the muddy water, we too can rise above the mire and messiness of our lives. We can … Continue reading A Place to Grow

Why I Travelled Eight Hours in a Car to See a Lady I Don’t Know

“These are no ordinary watersWe are not ordinary beneficiaries. We are kaitiaki in the truest sense.We are tangata whenua.Anything that upsets these waters or interferes with their flow should never be permitted. ”Ron Wihongi, Ngawha Kaitiaki (1924-2016) My flatmate gave me a strange look as I opened the car door. ‘Why are you going there … Continue reading Why I Travelled Eight Hours in a Car to See a Lady I Don’t Know

Being the Change

Te Papa Tupu attend the National Writers Forum in Auckland.L-R: Shilo Kino, Jacquie McRae (Shilo's mentor), Cassie Hart, Hone Rata, Ataria Rangipikitia SharmanPhoto supplied by Shilo. I was fifteen when I first met Maya Angelou. Imagine my surprise. I was so used to reading books from authors who were white, and here I was reading … Continue reading Being the Change

Creating is a Wonderful Thing

It’s 12 pm on Saturday night. I am ecstatic, my cheeks red with exhaustion and exhilaration at the same time. No, I am not clubbing or at a party with friends. Here I am, sitting alone at the wooden dining room table, my heart pumping in my chest. I’ve decided that being a writer is … Continue reading Creating is a Wonderful Thing