A Place to Grow

I took this photo during my time in Tokyo. It is of a lotus about to bloom. I’ve always loved the Buddhist view of a lotus - as a lotus can grow out of mud and blossom above the muddy water, we too can rise above the mire and messiness of our lives. We can … Continue reading A Place to Grow

What is Creative Non-fiction?

What’s creative non-fiction? What’s an essay? What’s the point of all this writing? These are the questions swimming around in my head right now. I began last month with a burst of energy and inspiration. I got out a bunch of books from the library and immersed myself in the genre of creative non-fiction. At … Continue reading What is Creative Non-fiction?


My name is Ataria Rangipikitia Sharman and I am one of six Māori writers who has been selected for Te Papa Tupu. I am also a tangiweto. How do I know this? Well… I cry. A LOT. But how is this related to the writing journey that I am so excited to be a part … Continue reading Tangiweto

Beyond the ending

When Te Papa Tupu ended on Friday December 3rd at a hui held at the offices of Huia Publishers in Thorndon, it felt more like the closing of one process and the opening of another than an ending. We were welcomed warmly into the Huia whānau, and Robyn Bargh explained their kaupapa of nurturing writers, … Continue reading Beyond the ending

Larree makes a stand on unsteady ground

A few Sundays back we went to the Art Show in Wellington and I bought a picture. A small black and white print by Joe Wright of a figure standing on this very precarious base of branches like a kereru nest, holding a megaphone up to the sky, and out of the megaphone comes all … Continue reading Larree makes a stand on unsteady ground

Planning a story to relish

Years ago I had a career change from commerce to cooking. My first job was in a restaurant called The Ubiquitous Chip in Glasgow. Quite quickly I determined their menu was too big, too many choices, and too many ingredients piled onto the plate, smothering and confusing the flavour of the primary fare, be it … Continue reading Planning a story to relish

Jeremy Latimer and the Joys Of Writing

Well - here is my first journal entry and for the first time I have no idea of what I want to write. Oh, the joys of writing! The whole experience has been a bit of a whirlwind affair, and the prospect of having a "completion date" is daunting. It's funny to think that I have dreamed … Continue reading Jeremy Latimer and the Joys Of Writing

Jacquie McRae puts a dream into action

This past week I have been working on my project. It’s called Behind the Varnish but that may be up for review. Having a mentor onboard is invaluable. I am incredibly lucky to have Renée. I get the sense that she will get the best out of me, even if she has to wring it out!

Larree Lust ponders purpose and narration

The writing process. Elation, anxiety, doubt, fear. Despite which I am looking forward to this journey over the next six months to finish an ongoing project, a draft of a novel that has been languishing. The support of the Te Papa Tupu programme is an opportunity and a privilege to be involved with. So, timelines, … Continue reading Larree Lust ponders purpose and narration

Mark Sweet wakes the sleeping Zhu Mao

Brian Bargh of Huia left a message. He asked I return his call. 'It's good news,' he said. I went all goose pimply, and great gulps of excitement came tinged with fear.
I began writing Zhu Mao three years ago at the start of the Diploma of Creative Writing course at Whitireia Polytechnic. When I applied I submitted a short story, one of many, inter-connected, which I wanted to shape into a novel.