The new logo was designed by Raymond Hohipa of Tūhoe and Kahungunu descent. He was inspired by the traditional quill, which was one of the most important inventions to writing. It allowed us to record our histories, ideas and discoveries. Prior to the quill, a small number of talented people carved as a way of communicating. The quill transformed the way in which people connected, and it made communication more accessible to the multitudes, who were now able to document their ideas and art.

The two koru shapes represent both the writers and the readers. The interdependences between the readers and the writers are critically important to successful storytelling.

Pikihuia, the symbol of the plume, represents quality and continuous improvement, and these important characteristics are valued by the Trust. The term Pikihuia has also been adopted to celebrate the writers’ awards.

Finally, the feather acknowledges the bond between the Māori Literature Trust and Huia Publishers, which uses the huia bird as its symbol.

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