Writer’s journal

The finalists for this year’s Pikihuia Awards for Māori Writers have been announced. Several familiar names appear on the list, but many new faces also attest to the fact that Māori writers are still very much alive and well. Categories for 2011 were: Best short story written in Māori Best short story written in English […]

 5 July 2010: Mark Sweet Wakes the Sleeping Zhu Mao Brian Bargh of HUIA left a message. He asked I return his call. ‘It’s good news,’ he said. I went all goose pimply, and great gulps of excitement came tinged with fear. I began writing Zhu Mao three years ago at the start of the Diploma of […]

8 July 2010: Larree Lust Ponders Purpose and Narration The writing process. Elation, anxiety, doubt, fear. Despite which, I am looking forward to this journey over the next six months to finish an ongoing project: a draft of a novel that has been languishing. The support of Te Papa Tupu programme is an opportunity and […]

14 July 2010: Jeremy Latimer and the Joys of Writing Well – here is my first journal entry, and for the first time, I have no idea of what I want to write. Oh, the joys of writing! The whole experience has been a bit of a whirlwind affair, and the prospect of having a ‘completion date’ is […]

14 July 2010: Tania Butcher Builds on Memories of Maketū Being selected to write from a large field of writers is a humbling experience and an honour. My manuscript is a journal reaching back in time to gather forward the triumphs and tribulations of Maketū warriors who fought in wars with honour and a belief that […]