The Sea, it Calls.

It’s the second day of Summer and the kids are swimming while I stand with my toes in the sea, enjoying the water lapping against my skin and dividing my gaze between the girls and the notebook I write this in.  It’s moments like these that I realize I should have pushed myself harder in … Continue reading The Sea, it Calls.

Changing in Unexpected Ways

I’ve never been a very confident person. Even when I was very young I was timid. My little brother seemed to get all the courage, and he approached the world like it owed him – the world responded as if he was right. I envied him that, wished I could feel like I was worthy … Continue reading Changing in Unexpected Ways


I’ve known fora while now that my biggest weakness when it comes to writing is in the detail. I mumble through stories using broad strokes rather than a fine haired brush, and in doing so I lose something. Part of methought none of these details mattered because they have no relevance to readers outside of … Continue reading Specificity

I Have Always Been a Bookworm

When I was a child my mother worried that I didn’t get out and spend enough time with friends, but who needs friends when you have books? I’m joking! I’m joking. I have many wonderful friends. But I also have many wonderful books. I spent a lot of my childhood embedded in pages. Mum didn’t … Continue reading I Have Always Been a Bookworm

I am a Writer. I am Māori.

I come from a family of storytellers; they seem to be able to spin the spoken word into magic. Put me on the spot and my words get tangled in my mouth and become something awkward and heavy. I can never quite seem to articulate my thoughts that way, but give me a pen? Give … Continue reading I am a Writer. I am Māori.