About the Trust

Established in August 2000, the Māori Literature Trust was specifically set up to promote and foster the development of Māori literature.

The Trust seeks to encourage innovation and quality by awarding authors for outstanding literary achievements.

The Trust comprises members from the arts and commercial communities and its primary responsibility is to oversee the organisation of awards for Māori writers currently known as The Pikihuia Awards.

The Trust’s broader terms of reference are to:

  • Foster and promote the unique identity of Māori literature
  • Encourage Māori voices in literature
  • Ensure excellence in the publishing of Māori language.

The Trust is also responsible for the incubator programme Te Papa Tupu and awards such as the bi-annual Pikihuia awards.

Members of the Trust:

  • Robyn Bargh (Chair)
  • Patricia Grace
  • Sir Hirini Moko Mead
  • Tilly Reedy
  • Whiti Hereaka
  • John Huria

For more information on the Trust phone Huia Publishers on 04 473 9262.