I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. (Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy)

So, 26 days before the manuscript is due. Let’s be frank -I’m sweating bullets. The good news is I’m close. The bad news is I don’t know how much work there is left to do. It’s an unknown quantity. Do I need to spend fifteen minutes each day until December the 3rd or do I need to spend five hours a day? I really can’t tell. How exactly do you know when it’s ready or good enough or jut plain good? This is the beauty of having a deadline. The deadline forces you to admit that enough is enough. Hand it over. Times up.

I’m not sure if the publisher requires one but I thought I’d write the back cover blurb as a bit of a self indulgent exercise. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but they don’t say anything about the back cover:

“In a home that is 50% love, 50% abuse and a 100% religious a child is born*. Angelus Tama is the 13th child of 17. His father is a High Priest in The Church. He’s not really sure which of the women is his mother. In a way they all are.

Follow his journey as he hits the Real World. Or at least the most commonly accepted delusion known as the Real World. He’ll discover that there are laws that can be broken and Laws that you can only break yourself against. Oh, he’ll also try to kill himself.

Sex, psychiatric wards, writers’ groups and alcohol abuse. This book’s got it all.**”

 *The author is aware that this equals 200% and is therefore illogical but the point stands. **Disclaimer: This book does not literally have it all.

As for the cover which you are not supposed to judge the book by, I’ve found someone to do that too. My High School friend has a sister, Angela Vink, who is an amazing graphic artist.

Things are falling into place, and hopefully, not apart. And I’ve saved the best news for last: I finally have a title. Get ready for it: “Goldilocks & the Three Episodes”. Available in all good bookstores.***

***Assuming the author meets his deadline.

6 thoughts on “Judging a book by its back cover

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