Often this month I’ve questioned, ‘Why am I doing this?’

 Not so long ago, a New Age shaped world view would have me think, ‘Oh, but writing seems to have chosen me.’ Now I can’t be so sure.

Back then, I might cite the time I went looking for guidance on what I thought was an original idea, a novel comprised of short stories. I’d written a bunch after an eventful summer and saw they could link together. First bookshop I visit and my eye catches my surname. I share it with Robert Burdette Sweet. Above his name, imposed on a broody youth was the title, ‘White Sambo,’ and, ‘a novel in stories’. The structure of the book was what I was looking for, and the themes in our stories uncannily similar.

‘That’s synchronicity giving a sign,’ I told myself. ‘Keep on writing.’

Now I have the opportunity to finish a book, with a publisher who’s taken an interest, and I’m near paralysed at times by doubt, the nemesis of synchronicity.

Carl Jung explained something profound and universal when he coined the word synchronistic to describe those events which seem like providence. My first conscious experience was on my thirty third birthday. I was in the middle of making a life changing decision; whether to stay in Aotearoa or take up an offer overseas. If I stayed I wanted to make a veggie garden and it was already spring, so hedging my bets, I went to the garden shop and bought lime, and blood and bone, and probably some seaweed magic. The cost was thirty three dollars and thirty three cents on my thirty third birthday. I didn’t listen. Instead I spent a miserable year in Taiwan.

A few years later I read The Roots of Coincidence by Arthur Koestler where he explained Jung’s theory of synchronically. I was sceptical, because although God wasn’t in the theorem, it still assumed an Invisible Hand. I talked to an uncle about it. He didn’t have an opinion. Then I told him I had a friend coming to visit me from Scotland. He asked where from, and I told him Loch Fyne. He said Jeez I had a girlfriend from there when I lived in the UK. What’s your mate’s name?. Turned out my uncle’s old girlfriend was my friend’s aunty. I gave him the book to read. 

… a day has passed …

Driving home from town this afternoon I heard an interview on the radio about China celebrating the birth of Confucius for the first time since the Revolution, and how the new leaders are allowing a high degree of freedom in religious practice after 50 years of suppression. 

Could this be synchronicity?  My book is set in China and a major theme is the preservation of the Daoist arts during the dark years of the Cultural Revolution. The interviewee talked about the tens of millions of Chinese openly declaring their faiths, unheard of even ten years ago.

So I gave praise to Carl Jung for quelling my doubts long enough to get on with the writing.

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