Well – here is my first journal entry and for the first time I have no idea of what I want to write.

Oh, the joys of writing!

Jeremy Latimer
"The joy of writing never truly fades – it just changes direction from time to time."

The whole experience has been a bit of a whirlwind affair, and the prospect of having a “completion date” is daunting. It’s funny to think that I have dreamed of this experience all my life – and now that the opportunity is a reality… I am terrified.

I have had good feedback from my mentor, and I know her ideas and direction will strengthen my story, but I am still in awe of the whole idea, and my fellow writers – where will we be come late December?

What will the reading public think?

Here is a taster of the revised version of my draft:

The wind-swept sands of the lonely desert caked the bloodied sword – its notched steely blade shimmered in the blistering midday sun, clutched in the grip of a masked warrior. Dressed in splendid silk-robes, the boy was barely in his teens, yet destiny had brought him to the edge of the oasis, where he faced his greatest rival. Standing opposite the boy was a dark assassin of immense size – covered from head to toe in black fabric that clung to his brawny frame to reveal a hardened physique – the enemy was none other than the “Scorpion Monk.”

Yes – my mentor approved of the opening lines, and my ego came alive – but it is still early days and the workload continues to mount – but the joy of writing never truly fades – it just changes direction from time to time.

Well – there truly is no rest for the wicked – and new ideas and possibilities are swirling madly about my head, waiting to be written and revised.

Until I write again…

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